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Explore Self. Heal. Feel Better.

It takes courage to seek out therapy.  More than likely you are feeling pain right now. Please know I would like to travel down this road of healing with you offering hope, ways to process what has happened, courage to explore the past, and guidance for healing so you can feel better.

At Whole Heart Therapy we will use a holistic model knowing that your emotions and behavior are entwined with experiences stored in your body.  Some of those experiences, you may not have words to describe. This means healing may not involve a lot of talking and instead we will connect with your body, your mind, and your heart. We do this through techniques called mindfulness, sand tray, Brainspotting, and with families we use TheraPlay.

As your therapist, I hope to offer you a safe place to be you, to be accepted, to know you are whole, and to know you can heal.

Pamela Boysen LCSW, 200-RYT

Pamela offers psychotherapy to heal from the past and work through current challenges. 

To connect more deeply with your body and soul and experience strength, flexibility, and stability, check out her yoga classes. 

To deepen your spiritual connection to nature and other woman, attend her moon circles.

Come, make your heart whole, it’s the best gift you can give to you. 

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Please call 714 844-7282 for a 20-minute free consultation. 

- Now accepting Medicare insurance -